• prerana_v 6w


    The intense as they are,
    As the way, our life is!
    Sometimes bright like rainbow,
    Sometimes the hell dreary!
    Announcing its onset,
    With thunder and flash!
    Initially captivating,
    But ends with dash!
    This is how, our life rash!
    So pleasing and ravishing,
    when it's distant.
    But crippling contradiction,
    when we get into that.
    This is how, misery in hopes we get!
    Falling from the top,
    jerky hurts the back.
    But the definite way ,
    to get them in track.
    This is how, we get a super life hack!
    It's pattering sounds melodious,
    when in need.
    But sound crackling
    when in despair.
    This is how, life is sometimes unfair !
    And the end is in our hand,
    if we let the rain take the dust away,
    or be that dust itself..
    This is how, life is insane !