• sangfroid_soul 10w

    The effervescent aura
    of hers blew away
    all sadness
    and attracted smiles
    like bees to

    She's still among
    you all
    her effervescent words
    The warrior disguised
    and ever so playing
    with her words
    Suave and charming
    she'll enwreath you
    within her
    sanguine and
    breathing words

    The effervescent flowers
    and their ferly fragrance
    beautified the nature
    my inner self
    the rhapsody of
    the rainbow.

    Sangfroid she is
    irradiating sheer calmness
    whelving sadness within herself
    and diffusing laughter
    here and there
    She's amaranthine
    scintillating prismatic diaphanous solace
    amidst the coldness of words.

    //Pulverising herself to stardust she'll rise once again from her ashes of regret and mistakes//

    02 Oct 2019








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