• brokenbymyself 23w

    You r the meanest person in the world..
    I will never trust you
    I will never be with you
    You broke our friendship
    Now we have no brotherhood
    Wht was from our childhood
    Nothing i will tell
    Just go to hell
    (Pushpendra Bhaskar)

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    When you are in trouble
    I am always with you

    But not only this tym....
    It happens everytime
    Whenever... i m covered by troubles
    You always leave me alone in my problems

    You told me... for you!
    I'm trustworthy
    In reality
    You are not even friendshipworthy

    You always do unmannered things
    Which are always uncivilized
    But in your every silly thing
    I was always with you
    May be.. you realized!

    When everyone aginst you
    I was always with you
    I give you company even in shamefull things
    I was always with you in your problem rings
    When mum scolds you
    I make her belive in you

    I tell her... you did nothing wrong
    Undoubtly matter was long
    But for me... you never try
    You always made me cry