• shrivanthkanna_ 22w

    21st January 2015 (The day I wish to change)

    It was around 9 p.m. I was smoking weed with my friends on the terrace of our apartments. I received a call from her and as usual my lips carved themselves into a smile. She told me that she was going out and she would be out for some time. It was an innuendo for me to come. There wasn’t any time to waste. I wanted to stay with her for as long as possible. So, I hopped on my bike and revved the engine. It hardly took fifteen minutes for me to cover a distance of eight miles. I saw her a few yards away at a store, purchasing some medicines. Despite the feeble light, I was able to spot a spark in her eyes when she saw me. There weren’t any words exchanged between us, but I understood that there were few more minutes that had to die before I could be with her. I walked on the street that I had never walked before. Even though we knew each other very well, I was nervous. I looked at her again hoping the willies would mitigate. I couldn’t fathom if she was looking at me all the time or our eyes met each other, but my state of dither mollified. She walked in my direction and told me to walk towards her car that was parked in the other street. Upon reaching, I sat in the passenger seat and allowed my eyes to fill themselves with her picture. I had always been attracted to her but the feeling wasn’t love. There was a line drawn between those two feelings which was never crossed. She talked to me, not losing the spark in her eyes even for a minute. She made an abrupt pause and said that she wants to kiss me on the cheek. I nodded in agreement. I felt her lips on my cheek and to my surprise my nerves weren’t agitated. She talked to me for another minute and kissed me again on the cheek. It was the same. I was normal. I looked outside through the window to see if anyone was staring at us. There were none. I started to turn towards her. I couldn’t perceive if it was a reflex or my lips knew beforehand that her lips were reaching out for mine, but we kissed. My eyes were closed, yet I always knew the next move of her lips. A minute later our lips were withdrawn and sorry was the word we said to each other. I was swimming in an ocean filled with unfathomable feelings. I looked at her again and she submerged her face in mine. We kissed again, but it was longer than before. It felt like eternity before we broke the kiss. She said that she had to go. I didn’t want to, but I agreed. I started towards my home, trying to figure out the feeling that my body was experiencing. It was happiness. I had waited twenty years for that kiss, but there was one thing I didn’t realise. I had crossed the line when my eyes were closed. I fell in love with her. I drove happily to my home. The first kiss will always be a beautiful memory for everyone. It was for me too. She left me and now the reminisces of that day haunt you me every time my mind flashes them. I wish I could re-write that day so that the beautiful memory for which I had waited twenty years would have stayed beautiful.