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    Ever witnessed a pissing contest?
    Utterly Disgusting.

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    What made the day most pivotal for me was
    Watching man argue with another man
    He said some of the most sinister things such as,
    "Who are YOU to tell ME what I already know?"

    And as a woman, I felt that same question rising in my core
    So many days I've held dad-sized hands and
    Preached these tales as old as grandfather time
    My brother doesn't even notice or care that
    A woman has not often been allowed to say what she knows
    Only what she does not

    And even after this admission, she must pray that
    Her hollow brain fall into masculine hands to
    be molded and shaped into what it is supposed to be
    Boyfriend or husband hands that can
    Fill her with all the right motivations like
    How to make delicious stews and pies and
    What to wear when a man is not himself but animalistic..

    He says, "Are you not listening to me? Are you deaf man!?
    Did you not hear me when I said this is not what I wanted?"

    And I think of all the times No has not meant no
    when deriving from from feminine lips
    No has fallen on deaf and manly ears for centuries
    And only now is it becoming a problem,
    Now that the talk is man to man
    Now that the ideas of oppression are not the same
    Man vs. man, the chosen of the species,
    Claiming their rights to the breast and womb
    And the Stove and the tomb while
    Banging on the chest all hard and gorilla-like
    He claims his territory no matter how dilapidated the land
    A one man solo band playing a most worn out tune
    I cannot help but to wear a smirk in these strangest of times

    He says, "I will not do business here anymore!"

    And I exhale that held breath of mine into the sky
    I exhale from deep inside my eyes
    Finally, the magic phrase laid out clear across the atmosphere
    I thank God, the creator, for the medicine that is this moment
    I thank the rumble in the pit of my belly
    I thank the difficult man who teaches the adamant man
    to walk away both defeated and empty-handed
    See how it feels?

    I think the lesson is absorbed but in the corner of my eye
    He beats on his chest the entire way home
    Mumbling strange things to himself like,
    "I guess WE surely showed him."

    Man vs. Man × aj