• amazinglanre 30w

    Hey Brother

    Hey brother
    Like an egret I carried you weightlessly.
    Like pedals we ride on the tide of love.
    Like a beaver, you gnawed on my demons, setting me free.

    Hey brother!
    I think of you always.
    I hope you think of me too?
    Though miles apart i could still hear you gnawing.
    In the solitary of your confinement, i hope you find peace.
    I am coming to break you free, like you did me.

    Hey brother!
    Take my hands, let us reach for the stars.
    For our demons are trapped in this jar for eternity.
    Nothing holding us back.
    Let us drown in the sea of love, for
    The scythe of death no longer scares.

    Hey brother!
    Together let us swing open the doors of destiny.
    Like a sculptor
    We mould our fate.
    Our statue towering doubts.

    Hey brother!
    Our beautiful skin scarred by this world
    Let us hitch a ride to the horizon
    Where all is pure!
    Where the promise of tomorrow starts today!