• dandelian_whisks 5w

    Is there a service intent or kingship attitude in you?
    It decides quality of life and tells either you are light or dark stone.

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    In which thoughts are you vibrating??

    Everyone see light
    Not the dark stone
    If there is a wish
    To be watched,praised
    As Cente of attraction
    Someone is changing into a dark stone
    Performing rituals of black magic
    By the way ,
    Light is always visible
    In midst of storms though
    Become light,because
    It needs to burn,real
    Forgetting everything in that fire
    Owe own beam of light,find
    Like a diamond does it passionately;
    Going through several cuts
    Working on inner and outer self,while.
    Dark stone is always busy;
    Dooming others to get attention,
    Destroys personal gifts though
    To get attention;
    Secretly Framing goid culture
    Slaving to be your audience at peak time,
    imagining to worshipped as great wonder
    Like they don't have life;making them feel miserable

    Light's work is to light up the world
    Not to raise a mindset of having admirers,
    get compliments
    Don't Change for anyone
    But do the shadow work
    Everyone has to battle from their demons
    How much good they are!
    This is how everything glows up!