• adodochristian17 9w

    Earth cry

    With a red eyes He held his gun
    Crumbling and trembling He creates in every turn
    The red eyes of authority He creates flame and fire
    Fire with no flames under the legs of seller and buyer
    He matches with his crowd of boot to every street
    In order like an angry thunder He mount the fields
    Blood beautifies his robe and roses smell of smoke
    Bodies like a royal red carpet of a king, bowing so low
    Now the clouds cries to help the earth erase the blood
    As He stands on the mountain listening to their earth song
    His red eyes fought against mercy and conquered
    His gun of rage urges for more shot of the joker card
    Kaboom! Is the song of life His smile dances to
    The melodious rhythm, rhyme and song of doom
    Oh how souls flies with no choice of word
    Displaying his back to his melodious rhyme song.