• i_faha 22w

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    Birthdays are convenient excuses
    to strip away these
    lacey garbs of pride
    An opportune moment seduces
    frigid, fragile feelings
    to take a stroll outside

    And knock on doors
    that were once slammed close
    on your unassuming, blithe face
    With a crate from bookstores
    And a bouquet of paper rose
    to adorn an isolated bookcase

    Rationale holding us behind
    As we logically question
    these seemingly futile attempts
    A morale feels quarantined
    when it's awkward expressions
    are met with a hostile silence

    A fare well punctuated
    by subtle gaps of space
    through which a rapport often slips
    An affection understated
    strapped back in place,
    By words that won't forsake our lips

    Behind sheets of conveniences
    a conceited casanova resides,
    taking this world for granted
    Bottled repeats of grievances
    A supernova on the insides
    exploding into poetries, disenchanted

    And then you're left to wonder
    If the celebratory excuse is worth
    the erratic showers of stoned rain
    Swinging back to a blunder
    and almost giving birth
    to flowers of moistened feign

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    Birthdays are excuses to expect relapses