• blackcoal000 5w


    So many people are starting to give love a bad rap. Love will never change no matter who has it. It's not love that hurts, it is the fact that you are involved with the wrong person someone that don't know what love is and that person hurt you not love. When you are involved with the right person and the two of you want the same things from and out of love it is the most wonderful feeling that you can experience.
    But if you are with someone that want some five minute love it's not love that is lust all day every day. Love take time sometimes years to build. Love is not just something that you can play with as many people do.God is love and he don't play with love. Too many have replaced love with lust and for some that is all they have learned do to being with somebody that think that lust is love because that's all they have learned. Love don't fade, ware out. When you are with somebody that love you, you will know it. Lust is what wares out it's the time behind the lust that is really the test. In my Opinion.