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    Glooming beholds every smile,
    where dances the melancholy of pluviophile,
    heavens seeking granaries of sky,
    where gashes of loneliness amplify.
    Where hourglass of memories elate
    stains of nostalgia dessicate,
    in the seas of oblivion
    only our hearts could firmly stand,
    courageously against death
    our prayers spill on barren lands.
    Utopian eras now distilled in grief,
    evolution of heart solemnly wiff,
    where parched zephyr kisses the wounds,
    seldom yet perfectly death renowned.

    Storming the doors of dawn,
    destiny usher a woeful morn,
    Where we tend to destroy darkness of night,
    with the armour of love we triumphantly fight.
    At the doors of death do they listen to our calls?
    A ringtone coming from pictures hanging on the walls.
    Yes they do answer,
    when there sounds the command of thunder,
    and throw upon the shutters of the house of slumber.
    Of all the pain, a sonnet of happiness we shall sing,
    the dead to the life can we really bring?

    "Everyone in a flutter praises the starry souls,
    but only the dried petals of marigold could sustain
    their bruises highlighted in gold..."
    ~Purva D

    May his divine soul rest in peace...

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