• iamnitishthakur 23w

    Maybe,my sweetheart you'll fly through this way again.
    Moving on was never easy for me,
    And nor it would be.

    But,i like creeping and dreaming,
    Cause at times it's all about you.

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    I was insecure,
    Watching you adore others.
    I was insecure,
    Watching you move further.

    I wanted you to hold,
    I wanted to make you stay.

    But, i had forgotten that you,my darling
    Was always meant to fly up beyond the nutshells.
    And,i a snail had wanted to come in your way
    Dreaming that i would too fly one day,
    And do what it takes.
    And, used to think why can't i.?
    If you could,and you're with me.!

    But,my abilities..my Potential and my energies were so less before you.

    And,you couldn't wait that long.
    So,i now give up thinking about mine.

    And,wish that you fly too high.

    I let you go,for you will surely achieve your goals, accomplish your dreams..and may think about me.

    I don't have the fear of losing you.
    I don't feel the pain of separation.

    Cause,i know you will win a day..
    And it's always a pleasure to watch you win.
    And grin in that whim.
    Maybe,i'll get a chance to see you soaked in happiness if you ever pass through this way again,or stop for a moment.
    I will keep the thorns clean,
    By erosin' them with my fullest.