• aanchalbharara 6w

    Love Addicts

    He proposed her
    Said, "I love you.

    I don't know
    What is this
    Attachment and
    Addiction all about.
    But you are the one
    I can't be without.

    You are the one I want to spend all my life with,
    You are the one I want to make all my promises with.

    I love sharing my emotions with you,
    I want you in all my smiles,
    All that I write is always for you,
    I also love our crazy fights.

    It is your charm
    That adds beauty to my life;
    It is your Love
    That gives meaning to my words.

    Those late night talks,
    Those Crazy walks,
    I can't afford to miss it ever.

    Can't think of letting you go.
    Please be mine and we'll be together forever."

    Hearing all this,
    completely speechless she became,
    Left with no words to say
    That she felt the same.

    Tears rolled down her cheeks,
    With a smile so bright
    ❤Just one word- "Yes"❤..
    She hugged him tight.