• nikki2328 23w

    Bestie love❤

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    My lifeline ❤

    Girl, loved you with all my heart,
    With hope to never get apart,
    Every moment I spend with you,
    Made me realise ,girl how much I need you
    Hey girl that's for uh.,
    Ur presence in my life is undefined,you better know,I never liked a girl before ,for me girls were just a matter of wasting time, but your presence changed everything,
    My roommates and their silly talks,made me avoid girls much more,
    Even I don't remember the day I met uh,
    Meeting uh was a great joke,
    But that happend and that was perhaps the best part of my life,.
    Those 2 AM talls,those scary nights with crows all around,
    My birthday,ur presence,
    Those night Maggie plan,
    Our library trips,
    Our long drive,
    Your fast,my fries
    All memories are amazing,
    My anger,your ignorance,
    Your anger,my attention,
    And then those few days boycott,which made us so close,
    I love you and you are so close to my heart,
    I am there for uh always.❤