• writer_because_of_someone 5w

    I saw her and it felt like

    I saw her and it felt,
    Like a blooming rose,
    Like a poets prose,
    Like an early morning face,
    Like winter sun's grace,
    Like a full moon light,
    Like a candle burning in a temple bright,
    Like a silky sensation smooth,
    Like a diamond forsooth,
    Like an invigorating mist,
    Like the love that shall forever persist,
    Like a peacock dancing in rain,
    Like a glass of champagne,
    Like the sweet melody of the violin,
    Like an intoxication gently growing within,
    Like a dream came true,
    Like a Cupid's arrow that went all the way through

    And it swirled the memories of the first look,
    What has changed now is,
    That the beauty so divine,
    Is mine and only mine.