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    Hola Mirakeeans,
    This is chapter 3 of my series THE TALE OF TWO HEARTS..
    Miranda - My friend
    Do read the first two chapters..❤
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    The Tale of Two Hearts
    Chapter - 3

    I was at the cafe. Miranda said she would be there by five. She was getting late. Horrible. It couldn't take it any longer. I decided to push off. As I was about to leave I saw him talking in phone. As usual he didn't notice me. He was there with his friends. I returned to a chair hoping that he would join the alone me.
    Obstinate souls are very adamant. Forget noticing he didn't even look at me. Another one hour; Miranda's text " Sorry couldn't catch you. Next time sure..."
    As I was leaving I looked to have a glimpse of him. He wasn't there.
    I reached my building and surprisingly found a card which read
    " The red dress... You look beautiful.. Next time do wear a red earring with this. Black ones doesn't go with it.."
    I was so elated..