• ratann 6w

    In the name of love

    I try ,i try , i try,
    only to come to the same point where I started,
    its been so many years now,
    but all i do is try.

    I wish someday it works,
    for all i have heard of faith and belief,
    apart from these I have no thing,
    apart from these I am nothing.

    Its not a case where 1+1 =2,
    its a case where 1+1 is not equal to 2,
    I am the 1of it for sure but I cant commit on my other  1.

    At times I feel I solved the mystery,
    at times I feel its gonna take long,
    I get defeated by my own reasons,
    never do I understand after all where did it all go wrong.

    I feel at times to quit,
    i feel at time to erupt,
    at times It feels its no good,
    at times i wish i give it up all.

    But its only my blind faith,
    which makes me believe,
    that whether I reach my destiny or not,
    all i got to do is to walk on ,on and on...