• adedamolabisi 5w

    My mother was 14 when her greedy and uneducated parents sold her into the careless hands of my father, my father was 40.
    Ayinke my teenage mother did all she could to ensure the horrible marriage never worked,,but she failed repeatedly
    And so she moved in with my father in his two bedroom apartment in the rural part of mainland,lagos.
    My father was mean,wicked and never really cared how my teen mother felt each night when he had to make love to her forcefully
    My mother was a virgin, sadly my satanic father didnt find her Vagina loose enough, so he improvises with her anus,Ayinke cried with bitterness as my fathers manhood rammed into her,she felt numb and wished she had dropped dead before she clocked 14
    2 years later,my mother took in and was delivered of a tiny but big eared baby boy,oh that was me,I didn't cry at birth,so she had to spank me lightly on my small buttocks, as she was afraid I would grow up being mean like my father
    Few days after my birth, Ayinke my mother realized that she couldn't control her urine anymore, and she woke up each morning before it dawned on her that she had wet her bed,my father would rather land his huge hands on her face and drag her out to the passage, my crying mom,carries me in her warmth as I suck from her unripe nipple
    This went one for over year,and no form of medical attention whatsoever did my mother get.
    Her uneducated and selfish parents never looked back as my father kept sending tubers of yams,cowries and palm oil to them.
    From bad to worse, my mother's health deteriorated and her uncontrollable Urine never stopped,
    until she died at age 19.
    She died with so many things unsaid,so many grief,so many unhealed bruises and this letter for me in the brown patched box she got from my grandmother