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    While walking back from a hard days work, I stumbled upon the thought of how I was discriminated amongst all my colleagues due to some reason and this thought kept bringing me to the idea of commiting suicide
    So instead of heading home where my parents were waiting for me I went to a nearby mountain where I could pounder on my thoughts and relieve myself but the deeper I started to think the more and more it started scaring me and making me feel like ' I don't wanna live anymore '. My thoughts started shifting from work place to family then friends and so on. All that i was imagining soon started to scare me making me feel isolated in this world and a strange feeling of not being loved. The courage which I had felt like deteriorating and I had given the hope of getting back up. I tried my best to stand up to it but was not able to do so due to all the negative energy in me. So to soon get out of this and not making myself a burden to everyone my mind shifted from all these thoughts to simply giving up and commiting suicide.

    Now I was thinking about how to end my life. Whether to jump from the peek or consume something poisonous or just get into some accident but the weird thing is that there was still a little hope left inside of me and just because of this hope I was stuck in a situation where I could not give up my life but I also wanted to. So soon as time passed on I fixed my mind that I'm prepared to die and leave this world behind but at this moment someone else from behind showed up, I was dumbstruck. It was a woman who was crying and for a moment I thought this was something way serious than mine because I could sense the tension in the air. So I looked at her and waited to see if she made any eye contact. As she looked up I vaguely smiled and asked " what's the matter ?". She waited for a while before she could reply and said " I don't like this world anymore, I'm tired of this ". So I said, " calm down and tell me what happened ?". She started to tell her story about how she also faced discrimination amongst her friends and how she was tired of this world. When I heard everything that the woman had to say this hope which was there inside me gave me strength to speak up and let her know how this all could change if we cared only for the ones who care for us. She agreed and finally after sharing some good vibes we both went on our separate ways caring only for those who cared for us.

    This was a life changing experience for me and the woman who came to me is now my girlfriend

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