• prachi_j 5w

    I am "BLUE"

    They asked what color you are?

    I said,"i am BLUE"

    They asked ,"why?"

    I said," because,

    I have 'watery soul'.
    Calm enough to heal you..
    Powerful enough to drown you..

    I have 'sky head'
    Vast enough to embrace you..
    High enough to drop you..

    I have' scorpion eyes'.
    Hypnotic enough to cage you..
    Intense enough to scar you..

    I have 'sundry shades'
    Diverse enough to paint you..
    Close enough to confuse you..

    I have 'subtle tones'
    Pale enough to express you..
    Dark enough to depress you..

    I have' extremities'
    Royal enough to captivate you..
    Poor enough to distant you..


    I am "BLUE"


    I drenched my porous heart,
    into the inked blues of life..
    which i splash often,
    on the tender breast of paper!