• mokshaa18 9w

    We are aware and still can
    Let certain realities pass...

    And float through life in delight
    With the belief that if we steer right

    We will live well and reach where
    We are meant to be...

    However, certain storms are raised within, When some aspect of convention

    Catches your calm by surprise
    And Pricks you really deep.

    When worthiness stands questioned,
    When a limitation is put on your spectrum of existence !

    The only way to survive the hurt
    Is to emerge more powerful and equipped,

    And give to yourself in abundance,
    Or be aligned to receive, in the most

    Honourable, subtle or satisfying ways
    What has been denied to or withheld from you.

    So much so that it looks,feels and
    Becomes an integral part of yourself.

    Certain pains serve well ! They stir you up
    To claim what you knew you were always worthy of.