• betthy 10w


    Picture this,
    I walk into a house
    A really big house
    Maybe a mansion
    Could even be smaller

    I entered into this house
    Therein were so many bright lights
    Artworks, portraits and what not
    It was such a beauty to behold

    As I walked around
    Beholding and admiring the beautiful scenery of this house
    I suddenly noticed a man standing behind a wooden door

    The man seemed to be aged but also looked like he worked there
    A RENOVATOR I suppose
    Or maybe even the house cleaner

    So I decided to approach the man
    He was apparently trying to get into the room
    But the door was locked completely
    Then I asked,
    You seem to be a RENOVATOR right?
    Why don't you take out your tools and use force to get the door open

    Then he smiled and said,
    Yes,I am a RENOVATOR
    But I only enter into where I am given permission to go into

    Then the old man began to speak and he said:
    Open up the door
    Let me in
    I am a RENOVATOR
    I am here to renovate and reassemble every broken piece together
    Just let me in
    He repeated these words severally

    Then suddenly
    The door opened
    And the RENOVATOR entered into the room
    Looking into the room
    All I saw
    Was darkness
    Utter darkness
    Everyone was covered with dirt and was filthy

    But the RENOVATOR didn't mind
    He then began to renovate, reassemble and clean everywhere up
    He threw away everything that were not supposed to be there
    Only the needful were kept

    After a while,
    The RENOVATOR was done
    And the room was sparkling clean
    Light had done been restored back to the room
    Everything had now been changed
    And yes,the old has passed away
    The old is gone

    Then I looked to the man
    And asked,How?
    How is this possible?

    And he said;
    I am a RENOVATOR
    If is what I do

    Well,Good news People
    And that dark room was my room
    The only place I hadn't let him in
    My mind kept saying
    He would judge me
    My mind kept questioning me for letting him in

    In that room were my fears,sexual sins,addictions, my lieing,cheating, cursing and all other sins
    But the RENOVATOR came in and made it new again
    He gave me a clean slate to start over again

    And that RENOVATOR is here again
    He is here for you today