• swapnilshinde 6w

    An open letter to her

    What are you crying for girl?, Huh?. A trash! He ditched you, you didn't! You are crying for nothing but a pure trash, a fuckingly fake boy. Just remember, your love was true, you were no where wrong, you are no where faulty, you should be not at all guilty.
    People do go wrong with choices, you aren't the only one. But you need to keep yourslef fisrt, you must learn some important lessons from the past, and not be ruining your present for that moron.
    You are wasting your tears, your efforts, your energy, your love and what not for the one who's not at all worthy, who just don't deserve that, who was just a fake piece of shit and nothing more. He actually never deserved you.
    Don't stuck yourself in depression, go out, surround yourself with people, lots and lots of people, books, hangout with friends, discover the unknown you, discover your beauty in every possible way.
    You'll definitely find the one who'll be worth your love, who'll accept you with all your flaws and scars, with all your messiness, with all your moodswings, who'll love you the way you need to be loved, the one who'll make you feel secure, loved, and special, who'll be real, put you first and who'll understand you and will love you the way you are.
    So, hey you brave girl out there, encase all your tears, all your sorrows, all your negative thoughts and throw them away.
    Because you, you deserve a big happy smile, and definitely you look so much beautiful while smiling.
    Be happy, and remember, this heartbreak is not making you weak, but way more stronger and your future is way more happier.

    -Swapnil Subhash Shinde.