• robertrittel_ 5w

    The clock of eternity

    Lights from stars and galaxies keep on turning,
    memories by spirit fire of time in that we burning.
    Time streams through the realms of wonder,
    flashes of moments faded away, come with a thunder.
    Celestial river of time with faultless rhythm,
    ocean of eons in years sublime precision.
    Shores of Moons in ebb and flow,
    many life’s without consent come and go.
    Today is already tomorrow on the other side,
    sensing the blood of time running in veins as ride.
    Winding back the clock by killing time,
    as it makes injured fools of us again.
    Life is but a varsity of eternity,
    learning that those who force time,
    are pushed back in that same.
    Those who allow yielding to time,
    corrected judgment in prime.
    Master of time by perception spiral,
    the center dot as conscience bible.
    The being of all ages with infinite between shores,
    time of healing are the reasoning doors.
    The councilor of time is wise,
    considering that we are only guests
    in this almighty device.