• unknownwritter 23w

    Story of them ( part 21)

    As days passed by...Niti's first term examination also came close...so she decided that for the exam period she will leave writting for one month then after exam she will again resume her work. She started studying very hard...and Kirat also helped her in her studies. She passed the exam with flying colours...but her marks in chemistry was very less . Her mother was very disappointed she told her to change her tution and asked her to join any private tution ....but Niti denied saying that she will work hard and will bring good marks next time. But actually the thought of leaving Kirat's tution gave her goosebumps...she thought how will she survive ...so somehow she denied and her mother agreed to her .
    And here Kirat was not at all affected by her marks..and in the class most of the students as well as Niti were sitting sadly because of their mark issues...Kirat noticed it and said
    " dont end your talent just because of a marks...these results will not affect you in your future...think positively do good next time...give your each and every exam in such a passion as if its your last exam...and dont miss any tests and exams in fear of less marks...just attend it...you will gain experience and this is the way to success
    And now guys please cheer up...i cant see my students like this "