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    For every issue, i have seen people with power only standing with board saying they are ashamed but never saw them doing something for the same.

    Especially celebs, they got power to bring the change because many people follow them and believe in them, yet they choose to stand with a board and just post photos on Instagram.

    Maine dekha hai, ke saare celebrity jinke pass power hai, wo bhi social issues pe sirf aur sirf board leke photo khichwaate hai aur apne aapko surkhiyo mein rakhte hai.

    Ye samaj nahi aata ke jab unke pass power hai tu wo bohat kuch kar sakte hai fir bhi wo sirf apne aap ko promote karne ko hi kyu use karte hai.

    Your thoughts?

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    Those with power are standing with a board

    And are expecting the millennial to bring justice aboard