• krinal_shah05 10w


    Feeling low and lifeless
    Everything seems senseless

    Stuck at the mid
    No way of getting rid

    I, a social animal
    trapped in a cage unusual

    I, a curious creature
    But no sign of a novel nurture

    Neither any step out
    Nor any hangout

    Everyone masking their identity
    Experiencing a kind of untouchability

    Unable to concentrate
    Unable to combate

    Over my hazy situation
    Lacking every glee and elation

    Don't know where my prayer's concealed
    Don't know where my hard work's sealed

    When will the dark clouds vanish
    And the rainbow of paradise replenish

    O lord!
    Grant me the strength and power
    In this pandemic hour

    Fuel my inert engine
    In this monotonous routine
    Squeeze all my worries and stresses
    And exhilarate all my senses
    Shower your blessings
    To proceed with my workings...