• frostic 6w

    Put me in a dress.
    Label me female.
    Tell me how to speak.
    Tell me how to walk.
    I'll believe you.

    Paint me a rainbow.
    Label me an animal,
    And watch me walk
    On all fours.

    Confuse me a bit,
    Maybe just enough,
    And I'll believe you to be
    A friend of mine.
    Certainly I'll have you in,
    For a little wine and dine.

    I'll give you the poison.
    Tell me it's coffee.
    I'll slurp it all away,
    Only if you serve me.

    Even if sun rays blossom,
    Tell me it's night,
    And certainly,
    I'll dim my light,
    To appreciate your darkness.

    Lead my follow,
    With dark candles.
    I'm sure it's okay,
    Dear foe.

    For I know not my name.
    I just abide by the rules
    Of the game.

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