• misfitmarleyy 5w

    The Meaning of Love

    I don't know much about love
    but I do know this
    love does not grant you permission
    to demean or degrade me
    love is not a pass to treat me disposably
    love is not always patient
    love is not always kind
    love fades
    love hurts
    love is an action not a adjective
    it does not describe an emotion
    but is to be personified constantly
    love is suppose to be shown actively
    love is to be reciprocated
    love is something that most people don't even know
    love is a word people use to manipulate
    love is hard as fuck
    love fades
    love elevates
    love is beauty
    because there is beauty in pain
    pain is the one thing that can and will transform you
    love is the ashes the Phoenix rose out of
    those who have never lost love
    dk what true pain is
    and can never understand true compassion
    those who have lost loved
    loved without being loved back
    those are the people who truly know
    how and what love is
    I was born in the abyss
    I rose from the darkness
    despite the pressure of others self hatred
    holding me down
    Ive loved hard
    and lost even harder
    I've loved people more than myself
    and felt that devastating disappointment of not being loved back
    but I refuse to stop loving
    I refuse to not give my love as freely as air is given
    I will love hard until the end
    and for those who didn't love back
    its ok
    I love you anyway