• unwritten28 35w

    Acknowledging the real

    I stop and think what life really is
    I wonder my future then I look at my kids
    Blessings in the air
    By passing
    Life's just my fair
    As I REMEBER the days
    Constantly running into bullshit like a quarter back that dont know the plays
    Apreciative for what I don't got
    I CAN write all day and in so many ways I can express my thoughts
    Blessed to be able to write my wrongs
    Thought I was weak for so long
    But really strong
    I live in reality
    I've opened my eyes
    I learned it's not who gives up it's who tries
    So pick the way I route
    I'm so happy I don't scream I shout
    (Thank you) (Thank you) I pout
    Time is the beholder of everyday living
    Use to be so selfish but for some reason feel like giving
    Happy to hear
    I exercise my eyes
    Stretch my senses
    And killed the tears I cried
    Not tryna act like I'm perfect but fake it? Why
    I'm not gon make it? Bitch u lied
    Power is in a heart of a soilder
    REALIZING as I gt older
    Stand alone and happy I do
    Find what's best for you and I promise you'll be happy to
    Can't knock how I feel
    I'm just recognizing and acknowledging the real