• chirasree11 31w

    I know this period of changes get really difficult and how much the old testimonials are broken time and again. I know it's getting tough especially with the brow chakra alignment. I've been there and I'm aware disregarding this process is not even possible. Spiritual awakening set in often with a vigorous trigger and all that is happening are due to transitions of the phenomenon. I keep my calm, I keep my cool and I proceed in the path of changes that are soon going to set in. I know the past years were hard and to be at the peace consciousness feels extensively reassuring. I trust the process and emit only enormous positivity to good will aura, good luck , light , love and truth to fight the solar plexus righteously. In the long run the secrets will be revealed that they all happened for a reason , they all happened for a greater purpose and trivial periods of separation make no sense. If I undergo jealousy, conspiracy or bad omen they are least purges of other's negativity but rather my required healing of my self love , confidence and codependency traits. I allow all the planets, all the stars , all the truth , all the light and all the love to test me again and again till I've reached my highest frequency. I emit all my positive vibes to heal the divine masculine in me and allow my counterpart to experience the best of the universal gifts. Thus it shall be. Amen.