• dracona 10w

    Dear friends,fellow readers this might very well sound like the moaning of a heartbroken lover ,but love for me here is that of a best friend ,the he here is but my closest friend who replaced me with another . This is the cry of a girl who has to live in the same workplace and see the two of them everyday ,while she waits for him to see her importance and return ,in the meantime not letting anyone take his place
    I beg all of u to please let me know if this is overreaction ,or if you can relate please drop a comment.

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    I'v been through days where I felt like life couldn't get worser
    days when all this suffering made no sense
    But then like a wave that calms the hot burnt sands
    Into my abode came a few
    With them I laughed,I cried,I fought ,even gossiped to say the least
    But one amongst them held me close
    Never let me wander,filled every second of mine
    Showed me what true love was like
    Or so it seamed
    I was called the perfect gangster
    The member of a closed group
    But yet,lord proved ...reminded rather
    That after all humans we are
    He found another,another to hold close,never let her soar...and I being the bold and beautiful
    Never spoke a word
    Insecure !!!...never can I be
    Time had its turn...it no longer became bearable
    And a major fight broke...for good I thought
    Lest he never realise
    But when my silence was broken by their giggles
    When my tears were muffled by their laughter
    When I saw him act the same
    The very same he did with me
    No gangster,no closed group could save my soul
    From sinking..trust me it feels much better to burn
    Just like a wave he left...
    I kept searching for him in the many ones that came by later
    I searched,always hoped but no
    He was merged into another,he had found his oneness
    Was it wrong of me not to cry out,to complain,to raise my voice in opposition whilst it still mattered
    Or am I just being another athazagoraphobist!!!