• clichedpoetandtheirhues 31w

    My Dear Sunshine...

    My dear sunshine…
    You'll be big brother
    Why, because you are important

    You'll be young and reckless
    Having many faults, making many mistakes…
    We all do

    Going through a formative phase
    The revolution of you ideas
    Being stuck in your ways

    Advocating those who are treated with Injust’
    Biting off more than you can chew
    Growing with the times

    My dear sunshine…
    I'll live through your rebellious change
    Big brother is supposed to a role model

    Stuck in your ways you are
    Poisoning those whom abided by you
    Superiority through your colored conformity

    You'll dabble in the blaming game
    Ripping yourself apart
    Chaining those in vain

    All caused by a hormonal change
    Facing your demons in the dark
    Your young dumb and very blind

    My dear sunshine…
    I won't be here for long,
    neither will you either

    You'll have vast opportunities
    As your in the middle of the road
    People will find sanctuary within you

    Advocating the needy
    Those who yearn for more
    Still on the way you'll make mistake

    Meetings new dilemmas, causing your oversaturation
    You need no absolution, you dealt with forces beyond yourself
    I will see all of that, including of all of your potential

    My dear sunshine…
    While I'm gone, so too will you grow old
    Hoping the path you took was the right choice

    You are big brother
    Keeping watch on many of your sisters
    Have you reached your biggest fantasies?

    You've changed a lot
    I saw most of your life
    Did you achieve something great?

    My sunshine…
    I was on borrowed time,
    and so is yours too