• kirandhivakaran 36w

    Everytime you smile,it makes my heart dizzy.
    Everytime you cry,I can't seem to feel my heart.
    Because, when you smile,seasons change,yes
    Seasons change quick enough for me.
    But,I do know,the autumn you're going through everyday,just to see the spring in me.
    The fear you seem to have,that I would turn my flower towards the wrong sunlight,will never end,for I know,you love keeping me in your shadow,just because you would rather face this cruel world and wither away,than see me facing the changing winds.
    And though this modern flower might reach places you want it to,it will never be modern enough to leave the pot that we fondly call "home" .
    Because you are my favourite flower,a flower with its root grown deep into my heart.

    ~ Kiran Dhivakaran

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    Happy Mothers Day.