• sofiaaaa 9w

    No one cares!

    An ordinary life with transitional phase
    Spurred by the charm not aware of the change!!!

    Waiting from long for this change
    Acceptance from society is a critical game!!!
    Changes doesn't brought happiness with them
    Please go back and come with happiness again!!!

    Sweet heart no one cares the way you and I am
    They just have to critise even when you takes the blame!!!

    Craving for happiness or craving for life
    I cant put everything in these small hands try to be lil more precise!!!

    Happiness comes with acceptance not by the society but by your own eyes!!

    If you are sure about your steps please don't think for it twice!!!

    Criticism is something even the god had faced in past life you need to be strong there is no one to stand by your side!!!