• emeka_joel 5w

    My Eyes still holds the image of You,
    Leaving Me,
    The Void You left behind is Huge,
    Believe Me.
    I still stay up at night,
    Ruminating on my Mistakes,
    Sitting without the Light,
    Restlessly staying awake,
    Wondering how it all went wrong,
    Listening to sad Songs,
    trying to figure out how I lost You.

    How did I not know You were Fickle,
    As unstable as Water,
    Your actions were typical,
    Of a Sociopath,
    Cause only a Monster,
    Could have broken my Heart,
    Without any Explanation,
    Like You did.

    You are a Fantasy that Became a Nightmare,
    The thought of Loving again,
    Makes me scared,
    You've made My Hopes,
    Turn to Despair,
    And even though I want You to think I don't Care,
    I still Love You.