• _sakshi304 26w

    This is a story of a girl which i came to know today at a temple nearby..
    So after workshiping i used to sit for a while near pond..the environment was so soothing..calm..the gentle touch of morning breeze..i was overwhelmed to the mother nature...n enjoying the moment but then i saw that girl..it seemed like she was in greif or something which is bothering her deep..
    I went to her..after some normal chitchat i asked her about it..she said..sometimes its better to tell our problems to a stranger than a known person..
    She begun with a line..which hits me hard.. "sometimes you have to play out of your character..or a negative character for sake of someone's happiness"
    But the thing is..after trying so hard you become the main reason of their pain n they broked up with you..
    You want to scream your loudest to desallow this..but you cant..
    She was feeling lost n alone..n left me with a line "may b you are designed to b alone.."

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    And the story ends with
    From strangers to stranger again