• the_wind_chime 5w

    *the odd other side*

    Kept scrolling down for hours
    Read through tons of confessions and thoughts of all those one-sided lovers, of all those been cheated and betrayed on and of those left
    with broken hearts and lost loves.
    They surely didnt deserve any of these
    They surely deserve all the love in the world
    That's a pretty sure fair thing
    But what about the one-sided non-lovers?
    Wondering what a non-lover is?
    It's not someone who cheats you over some other guy or girl; not someone who's taking advantage of u in any way; but yes someone who is lying to you at every step, supressing their anti-emotions till they explode alone at night and lies to you about loving u even when they're dying from within because they had committed to love u and had been trying the best from day one. Someone who believed in loving the ones who love them more than the ones they love. But only do they realize later how toxic it can get to keep trying to love someone back when u actually don't; to act happy when all they got to offer is silence. When your touches don't make them feel any good but they push the thoughts in because they've once claimed to love u. Yes they are at fault for letting u in their hearts and for giving u hopes. And so they deserve to suffer; to keep hurting inside because they can't afford to hurt you.They better hurt alone. They better live with the feeling of poison running through their veins.
    Because they deserve it all.
    But do they?