• worldxrocker 10w

    By Sentual S.
    November 15th, 2019

    Many people may not see what I see but I see a beautiful queen.
    Someone who has potential to do anything further than I can see.
    We may not know each other well but by all means my actions and words mean well.
    You are a very strong and unique person that can easily prevail.
    No one is like you and that makes you special in your own very way.
    You being brings meaning to many people lives in a very special way.
    Everyone loses and everyone wins so always remember that you are just as important as everyone else.
    Cause no matter how long it will take I’m here to help you see that within yourself.
    Keep being great in every single way you can.
    Cause God made you awesome and you’ll make it in this life to the very end.

    ©Sentual Strong