• _autumn 5w

    The tale of my dalliance*


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    I fell for the sky and I fell for the roses
    The warmth and the thorns
    my two acquaintances
    The garnet of the rose
    and the azure of the sky
    Were the shades my heart
    could never defy

    The warmth was comfy
    and the thorns were full of twinge
    I loved them both for
    they bore my attachments
    the roses showed betrayal
    and the thorns did too, as
    they hurt me like i had never
    imagined and got me all askew
    Now the sky was my only
    sunshine of hope
    I now lay under it with
    all my shadows
    The dark and the bright,
    the sad and the fine
    The sky is my abode
    The sky is my protector.