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    I hate tiktikis! (I would say a lizard but that doesn't convey the amount of loathing I have for this animal). To all those who seem to be unaware of lizardophobia—folks I have a serious note here.
    The animal in question is a yellow creature with a disgusting long tail. The specimen exhibits strange behavior like sticking out it's filthy tongue randomly and making weird noises time to time. It has a horrifying capability to walk on walls. But the biggest danger it poses is it's lethal tail which it discards sometimes. (*Disgusting sounds made my a girl in the background)
    But that is not why we are discussing this case milord. The case is about a young lady subjected to a traumatic experience which has absolutely scarred her for life.
    The lady in question was in a tuition studying quietly in a corner as was her routine. Suddenly from a far corner of the room,a fellow classmates shrieks. She tries to follow the path of the cries,
    bemused, thinking it must be an insect(this lady in question is not afraid of any arthropod).
    Suddenly the cause of the din is thrown on the lap of a boy sitting at least 10metres away from our lady. The boy, that stupid idiotic foolish weird boy, with a swift movement of his hand,he throws the thing away. The only unfortunate event is that, the "thing" goes through projectile motioned path to land straight on the lap of our heroine.
    Two seconds. Two gasps. Twenty-eight seconds of terrifying screams. Precisely forty seconds later,we re-enter the crime scene to find the lady on the lap of another little girl,half her size.
    The culprit-a disgusting yellow weird reptile.
    Ladies and gentlemen,the case now rests in your hands...

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    Die you filthy creatures!