• nickgordon_ 10w


    With summer’s grasp relinquished,
    A change is in the breeze,
    The sun yet smiles, but autumn winds
    Sigh restless through the trees.
    The shadows are now lengthening,
    Though still, the robin sings,
    As summer takes her parting bow,
    Autumn paces in the wings.
    The blackthorn berries ripen,
    The blackbird takes his fill,
    But now the warmth of summer’s breath,
    Has cooled to autumn’s chill.
    The colours too, are changing,
    From greens, to gold and red,
    And like a fiery golden blaze,
    They catch the light and spread.
    Yet soon, too soon, the leaves will fall,
    They yield to nature’s curtain call.
    Amid carpets of amber, all russet and gold,
    The forest at slumber, its secrets untold……….