• thesingingraven 6w

    Towards the dreams.

    He walked;
    He walked enough for both
    his body and soul.
    He looked at the sky
    Hoping to touch the clouds one day;
    Scared whether life would
    Push him off the border.
    He hoped for the rainbows and Breezes
    Just to sooth his chaotic mind.
    It's difficult, I know it is,
    It's difficult to find a place for yourself
    in this world.
    In this world of
    Starbucks coffee and gol gappas,
    It's difficult to find yourself in the midst
    Of the sunshines and gloomy clouds.
    But please don't lose hope, don't let those invisible strings pull you up and down.
    For you're a precious gem
    I would never want to lose.