• dumplingtrivia 6w

    You holding the hand of mine ; me watching the glimpse your smiles
    Cause baby there is something about you so pure n divine
    You introduced me to a world , where innocence is still preserve
    The hatred vanishes and the pride dissolves
    I dont want to call you the apple of my eye .
    I want you to shine bright in the sky.
    I want you to grow .
    I want you to fly .
    I want you to be there high in the sky.
    No ! Dont be afraid to fall , while reaching the heights
    But be wise enough to not to be a sly
    The day you came , you brought with you the tears of joy
    As if we were waiting for you to become our boy
    My love! The sky would be high
    So i promise your thoughts will
    But then nothing could make you deserve a hell
    You are the sunshine that will light a dark day
    You are my lill angel that will keep things at bay .
    You are my lill dose of happiness that keeps me going
    When everything feel just so depress
    You are a thought of mine that i am able to express.

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