• fredthemeek 10w


    Hold on
    Thoughts are dangerous
    Assumptions base on liquors
    You can look deep into my eyes
    Touch my hair
    Touch my cheeks
    Grazed my lips with yours
    Your adventurous hands under my shirt
    Or the time bar fight for my heart
    Or the time you drunk-ly promised to buy the world for each time you kissed me
    You can do make it or shape it
    Happened like an ecstasy
    But too soon
    Pleasure stole my disclosure
    "I am gay" was the hardest for me to say with your tongue deep down my throat
    Or maybe I never wanted to say it
    Don't Text me in this morning
    Bottle up the emotions we begat at the bar
    Like a hummingbird
    My sexuality never sways forward and backwards
    You can meet me at the bar by 9pm
    We can share another moment again
    I want to taste your lips again
    So I can blame it on the alcohol again