• black_wolf 22w

    Waiting Patiently

    You're helping me dethrone this Torment.

    You've help me find feelings that I thought were lost and Dormant.

    Irregular Heartbeat is now a steady pace, determined to win this challenging race.

    My black hole has became a Quasar, Light emitting from the Abyss.

    Emotions that I thought were missing no longer able to Exist.

    Where have you been all this time I asked, I thought you were something left in my past.

    The reply was something unique that my feeble mind couldn't Grasp.

    They replied by saying, you never lost me! I simply moved to your Soul.

    The broken peices of your heart started to break Free. So I moved to a place you could never lose Me.

    The untangable web they left seemed impossible to get Through. So instead of me trying to reach You,

    There was something I Knew.

    I Knew you would search deep inside yourself to find me.

    Sleeping. Patiently Waiting.