• talatf 5w

    U r everything to me...... Still u have no right to judge me for my failure... U have no right to call me a coward, a timid, and surely not to judge which profession do I deserve... Coz it's only me to decide my position in my proffesion...... Since, u never know what I did to cover up my dreams, so what if I failed again, so what if I missed the dream ����shown by u to name it mine....... Still u don't no my fight for my night day sight..... U never know my eye never blink for how many days for how many yrs to cover it long.... U can't even predict the level of my endless thought that never given upon it....... For how many time my eye drops with a thought of disaster of my thought..... For how many times woked up at night ��..... Still I didn't loose my hope to prove my soul to prove u and everyone surrounding me..... Every time I fall every time I learn, I get up with an ideas to do it again in a chance to work..... But this time u broked me out to loose my soul, myself out..... Trust me I dreamed it to make it mine...... I believe I failed but still I didn't give up...... Why ❓❓did u give upon me dad..... I still love u ❤for no of reason...... But this time u questioned my honesty to my work..... I will not try even to make u believe my words..... Coz this time u will have to understand this..... May it will be too late ����for u to understand me and my love dad..... Till that time u would have been loosed me for a liife long..... Trust is one of the basic piller of love may u broked it for this time..... May we never meet again.... But yea I would say u.... I love ❤u beyond ur expectation..... May it matter for u ur expectations from me, ur name in the society above me..... I have seen u giving more Wheigtage to people that never belongs to u above me...... So what I do love u ❤

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    My story, my failure, my way to see my honour, I being the luggage of my own desire,from now I thriwed it out