• cole67 10w

    Air Jordan Of Poetry:

    My words are my slam dunks
    They get the waving started,
    And when I take my flight
    You'll be defeated and halfhearted.

    As I cross dribble my words
    Up and down opposing courts,
    With all of my natural talent
    They think I invented this sport.

    Cause three pointers are for me
    I love that outside shot,
    But if you try to face me
    My dunking skills are hot.

    I'm the flying one handed King
    And they make shoes after me,
    So I sign alot of bling autographs
    And I'm richer than can be.

    So all you basketballs on Earth
    You don't have too much to dread,
    Cause I'm the only man around
    That will spin you on your heads.

    Watch out for my broke ankels
    My words that are so smooth,
    Because if your not too careful
    They'll stop you in your shoes.

    For I am the whole dream team
    What others see in their sleep,
    Because of my big shoe deal
    And my precious Angel Feet.

    I don't need that white stuff
    Baby powders like others do,
    Because I got my Angel Dust
    And I bleed Carolina Blue.

    It was never about the Benjamin's
    But I really do like my golf,
    Where my moolah is'nt up to par
    For I take my Godly Wing Tips off.

    I've read the King James version
    The new most popular brand,
    How he's the baddest man on Earth
    But he can't touch The Promise Land.