• bhaskar_vashishth 11w


    Why do we live?
    Insignificant unimportant crickets.
    Evading death at every step
    Hoping for utopia, foolish souls.

    Why do we take steps?
    Where do they lead us, if not in darkness.
    Hoping to hop one day in a lovely loop
    At eternity's behest wishing to live in a poetic hoop.

    Why do we suffer?
    When we know it can be dealt with in a jiff.
    All we need is to be on our way towards nill
    It's already calling us back home for refill.

    Why, oh dear, why do we exist?
    Some say to love and be loved.
    To love is a punishment not worth enduring
    To be loved is a blessing that is too saccharine for digesting.