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    Why do always good people have to suffer ? Their kideness make them feel everything so deeply .They got hurt so badly from the wrong actions done by the unexpected person.
    The main reason is that , some people are close to their heart that's why the pain of betrayel is doubled , it feels like something is exerting a high pressure on the heart as well as on the mind.
    Heart wants to cry
    But mind wants to stop.
    All the things just come in front of our eyes which we done for others How we did everything for that wrong or fake perosn.All efforts or sacrifices we have made for them and then a time come when we want their help and then they just do back off from us they forget all the petty things we do for them.And then the( mean people ) started blaming and searching our faults which are not true.

    Broken promises , trust issues , and these type of betrayal makes a cold hearted person to the monster person . Or in depression

    It takes too much time to be back as normal.

    And thats how a kindhearted and a pure soul stepped into the world of devils and demons.
    again congratulations to the cruel word ��
    who have succeed in killing a pure soul and making them welcome to the dark world where just mean people all aroud ,one more hope has been broken ,one more person now forget how to trust on others :')

    ~Me ( once again I trusted the wrong one ) :')

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    Why do always good people have to suffer?

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